Swimming should be part of GES curriculum – Nadmo Boss urges

According to Hon. Kwabena Senkyire, Nadmo Boss, Ashanti Region on Maakye morning show today,swimming should be thought in various schools.

The Nadmo Boss made this suggestion following the aftermath of this weekend’s heavy rains,precisely Saturday and Sunday,destroying property and leaving people homeless.

According to Hon. Senkyere,unfortunately for the past one and a half month, The lives of children from the ages of 1 to 12 years has been loosed with the current death recorded being that of a child at Mooshie Zongo yesterday between the hours of 6 and 7 PM.

He urged the Ghana Education Service(GES) to implement swimming in their various curriculum since according to him if children and even people knew how to swim it will in some way prevent death when flooding occurs during rainy seasons.

The Nadmo Boss also attributed negligence of some parents and teachers as some of factors that causes  the higher death records of children this past few months. He said “fathers shouldn’t leave the well being of their children on the shoulders of women alone and teachers should be extra vigilant when it start raining when students are under their their care during school hours”.

sharing his view on demolishing of buildings in swampy areas he said “everybody knows me to be an action man and if it were left to me all buildings and properties would have being demolished but unfortunately demolishing order is the duty of the assemblies so the assemblies should be courageous enough”.