Supporters of Aduana Stars a disgrace to Ghana football

The issue of administrative lapses, Club foundation and unimpressive media packaging was in the past identified as the bane of the Ghanaian Premier league.

When all efforts by the GFA and PLB in their quest to get sponsorship packages this season for the Ghana Premier league looked like the 2017 will be played without a single sponsorship.

Star Times came into the rescue of our Premier league by pumping huge sums of dollars to cushion our league clubs to reduce their burden through the good intervention by our football leadership.

Ever since the Ghana Football Association in conjunction with the Ghana Premier League leadership announced to our clubs, Star Times will be the only proud sponsors of our Premier league there has not been a single complain from our clubs with regards to the sponsorship packages.

It means Star Times have fulfilled their promises and have respected the contract signed and expect all clubs in the premier league would also respect their contract with them.

The standard and competitiveness of this season’s Ghana Premier league is appreciably high and a delight to watch even though patronage has not been encouraging at all.

It’s pathetic and disheartening for Aduana fans in their premier league encounter with Fabulous Kumasi Asante Kotoko on Monday to exhibit such an irresponsible attitude towards officials of Star Times the only proud sponsors of this year’s Ghana Premier League. If I may ask them, who would have seen the performance of their players to earn a national team call up, if not for Star Times telecasting matches live on television?

What right at all do they have to prevent Star Times from telecasting their match against Kotoko where they have calmly collected their sponsorship package from them and that gives the company every right to telecast the match live. Bright Adjei’s goal was voted the best goal in CNN ahead goals scored by the likes Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Harry Keane and many others in the top European league.

A company which has showcased your player to the whole world and the only reward you can give in return is this crude and barbaric attitude.

Aduana fans who exhibited this unscientific behaviour towards the only proud sponsors of our league should bow down their heads in shame. How on earth will our league be attractive when we have a club playing in the premier league behaving like a colt’s team or division two club sides? Do these fans understand what a contract is and the consequences of breaching it? I don’t think any of them have an idea what will happen to Aduana should in case Star Times take the matter up.

This is not good at all for the growth and development of our local league where every football loving fan is advocating for Coach Kwasi Appiah and his backroom staff to keep an eye on our local boys who are hungry for success. Even in the lowest animal kingdom where anarchism and so many others remain there is the existentialism of peace and order how much more we human beings who can distinguish between good and bad. I am tempted to believe they had wanted to win the match by foul means that was why they prevented Star Times from telecasting their encounter with Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

The Ghana Premier League will continue to be kept in an unpleasant position when it comes to African league ratings. It was not surprise at all when the previous year’s ratings came out Ghana’s league was placed after below likes of Rwanda, Kenya, Losotho and many others whose national team’s come nowhere near Ghana in terms of Fifa rankings.

If we have supporters of a club who do not know the benefits their players will get apart from getting a call up to the senior national team, then we should expect this kind of irresponsible attitude. There are lots of Clubs in Africa and Europe that are looking for players to beef up their team and will only see Aduana players only when their matches are shown on television.

These same fans when GTV and other Television networks fail to telecast matches of teams they support in Europe they complain bitterly.I will call on the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and Premier League Board (PLB) leadership to take it as a matter of urgency and act accordingly to prevent other clubs from doing same. If our football leadership sits down unconcern about problems companies who have invested in the Ghana Premier League (GPL) go through, I won’t be surprise there will be a time they will not get any company to sponsor our local league. No company on this earth would want to invest in something that will not yield good results.

Hooliganism and other forms of misconduct that goes on in some venues is because our Sports leadership have not put in place strong measures that will go a long way to affect our Premier League Clubs. If fans of our clubs throw bottles from the stands into the field and the club is band from playing at home, it is a punishment alright, but I think that is too soft.

I would suggest point’s deduction will be the best to stop hooliganism in our football. Let’s say a club found culpable will lose nine (9) solid points. No local club would be ready to lose nine (9) points because of their supporter’s misconduct.

When point deduction is put in place every supporter and club leaders will be security men in match day and supporters will be scared of misconducting themselves because they know if they do such a thing, they will be exposed and handed over to the police to face full rigor of the law. We need to have decency in our local league for growth and development of our league. I strongly believe our football authorities must consider involving the military as part of the security in all our venues to deal with these miscreants called supporters who can’t be reasonably reasonable when they are playing at home.

When I was a teenager during the time of Tema Ghapoha FC, before fans would be allowed entry into the Tema Sports stadium they will be searched thoroughly and I know that was down to check supporters who will come in with a deadly weapon such as sticks, knives, combs, stones, bottles that could be used to injure other people. Let’s not wait till something bad happens before we put in place good measure that will help our football to be incident free. We want to have a deserving team to win the league title to represent the nation in the CAF champion’s league to reach the money zone and not qualifying to just make up the numbers.

Today Aduana fans are attacking people who have given them a sponsorship package and we don’t know who they will attack next time they are playing at home. Aduana Stars supporters must understand it is not every time that a hunter goes to the bush and brings home bush meat for his wife to prepare a delicious soup for him. In a game of football you win, draw or lose and that if they had allowed Star Times to telecast their match against the Porcupine Warriors the score line will not be anything different from sharing the points.

The Porcupine Warriors individually have equally good players, except that they are in a transitional stage, if not Aduana Stars would have been no match for Kotoko.The fact that, they failed telecasting some of your matches does not warrant you to prevent Star Times to telecast your match live. I find it very difficult to understand why Aduana Stars had in their midst a highly respected GFA executive member in the person of Mr Albert Yahaya Commey and he sat down aloof for his supporters to misbehave to this extent.

If Mr Albert Yahaya Commey was asleep, did his mobile phones and his entire household fell asleep too? I will take this little opportunity to commend the bank roller of Aduana Stars for taking the initiative to call on the team’s spokes person Dennis to come quickly on air to apologize publicly for their supporters’ indecent behaviour towards the officials of Star Times.

So if their actions had resulted in the death of an official of our proud sponsors their apology will bring the dead back to life. It is good they have shown remorse, but the matter should not be taking lightly. I will not be in the position to advise Star Times once they have a legal person to advise them. My passionate appeal to the Ghana Football Association is to put their feet down and should not look at people’s faces and punish Aduana Stars to serve as a deterrent to other clubs who intend doing same. Long live Ghana football.

Michael kessey- The unexpected one
(Sports Analyst)