Support Bolga MCE nominee to succeed – Rex Asanga

The 2016 New Patriotic Party (NPP) Bolgatanga Parliamentary aspirant, Rex Asanga who was hoping to be nominated for the position of Municipal Chief Executive for Bolgatanga has called on party members to support the president’s nominee, Joseph Amiyure to succeed.

Mr. Rex Asanga in a press statement issued  on Thursday, said he was disappointed that he was not selected, but urged all party supporters to respect the decision of the president and not do anything that will bring the name of the party into disrepute.

Joseph Amiyure, Bolgatanga MCE

He also pledged his unflinching support to working closely with the MCE appointee, Joseph Amiyure when he is finally approved by the assembly to give the Bolgatanga municipality a facelift.

Read his full statement below:

His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo named the rest of the Municipal and District chief Executives for the rest of the municipalities and districts in Ghana. To my surprise and dismay of many of you, my name was missing from the list.

Most of you expected to see me nominated as the MCE for Bolgatanga and were thus understandably shocked when this was not the case. This is especially so when most people picked up positive signs and signals regarding the appointment.

Now that is over, I would like to use this opportunity to thank all friends, supporters and well-wishers especially the many gallant youth who worked so tirelessly during the 2016 campaign and have remained very loyal and committed to the party and to our friendship.

I urge all of you not to let these temporary setbacks, however many they may seem, to discourage you or shake your love and commitment to the NPP. I was also disappointed myself but as someone with unshakable faith in God, I am confident that there is always a purpose for everything that happens to us -good or bad.

I spent quite a lot of my sleep time last night trying to calm some of you down and urge you not do anything that will bring our party’s name into disrepute. I still plead with all of you to act with decorum and to accept the president’s nomination no matter how you feel.

I would not like Bolgatanga municipality to be added to the statistics of unacceptable behavior by party supporters as a way of registering my sentiments.

so let’s all try to give the president’s nominee Joseph Amiyure, the MCE nominee, our support so that we can improve the living conditions of the people of the municipality. Mr. Joseph Amiyure, accept my congratulations for your nomination as MCE. I am willing to contribute in whatever way I can to the development of our municipality. /