Stranded NSS applicants disheartened over deadline

The National Service registration and posting exercise which commenced on the 18th of July 2016 is slated to be completed tomorrow the 31st of August, 2016 .

This has generated intense panic with non registered applicants for fear of being left off. The exercise from day 1 has been characterised by long queues of which some are mostly left unattended by the close of the day .

Moreover, many of these applicants had converged from several places within the Kumasi sub metro to the regional office . Applicants from Jubilee Park, Konongo Information Services Department, Ejisu National Service Secretariat Office and KNUST Great Hall have all being scheduled to complete registration exercise at Adum hence its related consequences.



Information gathered indicates that most of these applicants from far off places had spent their night at the premise of the NSS so as to catch up with approved deadline on 31st August. As at 4:00am on Tuesday when Kessben fm Reporter, Randy Jay Abubakar got to the scene, hundreds of applicants from across the region had already queued for participation.

Many of the applicants during an interview made their passionate appeal to the authorities to consider the state of the traffic and adjust the deadline with some extension to cater all applications in making the exercise a success.

Story: Randy Jay Abubakar