Stopping The Use And Dump Syndrome In NPP – David Kankam Boadu

“I call upon all NPP delegates to join “David Kankam Boadu Footsoldiers Movement for Real Change” so that, together we will rescue the party from the hands of the few who always use our footsoldiers (grassroots) and dump them” David Kankam Boadu aspiring National Chairman hopeful of the New Patriotic Party.

No more ” Out of Coverage Area Money therefore, No more Crying and Complaining ” but, real sense of urgency to rescue NPP and get the party to work for You.

The Presidency must take care of state matters and NPP will take care of her children (Footsoldiers)

Like me or not, I am for you and for real change, NPP footsoldiers(grassroots) are fed up with the lip service culture.

Under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo Ghana is working again.

Under David Kankam Boadu’s Chairmanship, NPP will work, and work for your benefit. The party will not continue to be a “dormant” political party for our grassroots anymore, but a party that will take care of you financially giving meaning to why you are a member and not just a preserve for the very few. Therefore you are not going to be “just” a member as it appears to be now.

No one is a special party member than the other all members are important irrespective of educational background, status in society or their economic strength.

There should never be discrimination as I’ve heard members complained from 2007 across the country till now, so together, we must bring this cankerworm to an end.

Forget about personalities and out of coverage area money but rather, ideas and programs that will make NPP successful for the benefit of one and all.

My name is David Kankam Boadu, the voice of the ordinary NPP member.