Stop Your ‘beggarslike Behaviour ’ – Assembly Member Tells Ghana police

The Assembly Member for Ejisu Besease Electoral area, Hon. S. S Danquah has rebuked policemen of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) saying they behave as if they are the ‘beggars of the country’.

According to the honourable member of the Ejisu Assembly, government of Ghana has been able to take good care of these servicemen hence they should behave in a good manner to protect and generate money for the state in return.

On the other hand, some individuals including political analysts have argued that, the behaviour of some members of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) is a result of government not being able to properly provide their basic needs.

But speaking to the media in an interview, Mr S.S Danquah sharply disputed what some political analysts have said.

“You are the first group to benefit from “Single Spine Salary Structure”. Government takes good care of every aspect of your living, yet the Ghanaian police behave as if they are the poorest people in the country”.

“Since they are paid with taxes, the service should have also behaved well to mobilize money for government by arraigning offenders before the court to be fined”, he opined.

In that order, the court fining will generate money for the country other than they illegally taking money from citizens, he added.

Mr S.S Danquah revealed in his interview that, it hurts him when policemen of the state stand in the middle of the road collecting money from people while, government has stopped teachers from taking printing fees from school children.

He further stated that, quiet apart from the service men taking money from citizens especially drivers, he has never seen GPS reporting to the Road Minister on how best the country can best maintain the roads.

Honourable SS Danquah described police men in the country as greedy individuals who do not seek for the development of the country.

He warned if government refuse to address the situation, he alone will mount a “one man demonstration” to register his disapproval.