Stop disgracing Africa to the World by attacking protesting Youth – Deputy Secretary General of PYU

Following the violence that flared in Sudan’s capital Khartoum late on Monday after the military council and opposition groups said they had agreed to a power structure for the country’s transition following the ejection of President Omar al-Bashir last month, heavy gunfire was heard late into the evening and the council said a military police officer had been killed and many protesters wounded.

The reports come as a blow for Africa as a whole in this modern era where democracy is the basics of nations building. While the European Union and the USA urged an end to the violence, the African Union looked on as if all was well in Khartoum and Omudurman. Even when it became apparent that Bashir’s rule was nearing its end, the AU, in characteristic fashion, failed to cultivate the much needed diplomatic clout to make contacts ceding the chance to lead to Gulf powers and other players.

One notable name, Ahmed Bening,the Deputy Secretary General of Pan African Youth Union (PAYU) has added his voice to this call for peace. Citing a complain made by him, “The action that led to the death of some protesting youth and injuring close to 100 people in Khartoum is condemnable in no uncertain terms.
The TMC must take actions that guarantee the safety of citizens at all times and adopt mechanisms towards dialogue and consensus building. The use of force cannot be an appropriate tool to curtail the protests.I encourage the TMC to engage and dialogue with the protest movement to take agreeable steps towards a democratic transition.
The Sudanese youth and people deserve better and violence at any level is unacceptable.
God bless!”

Two weeks ago, select African leaders convened in Cairo for an ‘emergency summit’ to discuss events in Sudan and Libya. The republics of South Africa, Djibouti, Congo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Chad, Nigeria and of course Egypt (host and current AU chairman) constituted the summit. The leaders had adopted a resolution giving the generals in Khartoum three more months to hand over power to civilian authorities.

We are patiently waiting for this to be resolved for peace to reign in Sudan

Credit:Harry Graphicx