Am still alive, teenage attempted suicide over Criss Waddle sex encounter

Criss Waddle

Mary Obeng, the 18-year old Senior High School (SHS) graduate and a resident of Tech, a suburb of Kumasi whose images are blowing on social media  following a suicide attempt over being jilted by a Ghanaian rapper, Criss Waddle has today refuted the allegations .

This followed the media reportage on various platforms and social media pages regarding  the aftermath of her connection with the rapper which she deemed disgusting and pathetically embarrasing, subsequently triggering her conscience to take away her own life.

Criss Waddle's girlfriend attempts suicide
“Even though I  bled a while after knifing the core vein on my left hand in an attempt to exchange my life with death but the timely intervention by my neighbors sent me to a nearby hospital for treatment”,she explained.

**An exclusive encounter with Mary Obeng is slated to come off on Friday on Kessben 93.3fm entertainment show from 1:00 to 3:00pm where she had pledged to unveil the secrete worth telling.**

Mary Obeng in an interview with Dblex of Kessben entertainment revealed that she met the ‘Bie gya’ hitmaker on Instagram which eventually led to a glued online relationship with words transcending from ordinary to sensations even though Criss Waddle claimed she was not matured enough to date him.

“He said am young to date him of which I saw he was just making fun of me” she remarked.

Subsequently, she responded to an invite by Criss Waddle to Accra after he returned to Ghana from a trip barely some month after their online trading of emotions .

She unveiled how both engaged in hot sexual bouts anytime she visited Criss Waddle in his house at Tema and Prampram.

“Criss Waddle frequently denied taking pictures with me but I was so shocked when he asked me oneday when we went out , to take a picture with me”.Mary added.

“This same pictures and hieroglyphic quotes were seen the next day on social media pages which she claims was a deliberate plot by Criss Waddle  to subject her to public scrutiny . The pictures were tagged as compelling Criss Waddle to date her whiles he had persistently resisted her(Mary) to even see him”,she said.

This action by Criss Waddle attracted a barrage of comments and insults which became unbearable for me thereby instigating me  to rather truncate my life than to live in witnessing such embarrassing on my womanhood, Mary stated.

She lamented how both had shared moments together but finally singled out as playing the “Devil’s Advocates”.

Meanwhile the rapper in his response rebutted that the claims by the girl are all false and he only agreed taking pictures with the lady on the street upon her persistent request as he could not ascertain the credibility of the girl.

He stated,“After taking the pictures, I showed the pictures to her and ask if I could post the images on my social media page. She agreed and afterwards fans started insulting her. She called me and was complaining to the extent she threatened to do something to herself. Her friend also called but I told
her she is not my kind of girl because it looks like she has so many dates. I am not always bothered about negative comments about me because I know they are never true. It is only when such comments are true I get worried”.

Criss Waddle remarked that the true nature of the girl was revealed when the pictures flewed viral. Moreover, She is so eager to be hyped to fame whiles I regard protecting the integrity of my life.

An exclusive encounter with Mary Obeng is slated to come off on Friday on Kessben 93.3fm entertainment show from 1:00 to 3:00pm where she had pledged to unveil the secrete worth telling.

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