Stephen Ntim is our surest bet for victory 2020 and beyond – NPP Deputy Comm. Dir Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai

Ghana’s Political space has witnessed many twists and turns over the years leading up to this very moment. So much so, that the role of the NPP in shaping the future of this Country cannot be simply swept under the carpet. However, even within the great Elephant fraternity resides some characters that I would characterize as outright role models. That notwithstanding, for the sake of time, one individual that stands out to me as worthy of mentioning for the purpose of steering the affairs of the party is none other than Chairman Stephen Ayesu Ntim.

As a founding member of the NPP, it goes without saying that Chairman Ntim has clearly demonstrated beyond all doubt that he has indeed earned his seat at the table by the book. From his days at the University of Ghana to becoming the National First Vice Chairman of the NPP in 2001, here is a man who does not compromise on his integrity no matter the consequences. So who is Chairman Ntim? Kindly let me indulge you and spare you the research.


Having supported the NPP in diverse ways over the years, one universal memory of the man to beat in the minds of all who have watched him work is the undeniable virtue of _*uniting all and sundry for the common and greater good*_. For example, having lost at the polls for three (3) consecutive times in his Chairmanship bid, he went on to serve the party honorably in all of the general elections; without allowing his detractors to deter him from the bigger picture – which is to provide the ordinary Ghanaian with a fair chance at getting access to education, jobs, healthcare etc – via helping the NPP to clinch Political power. _At a point in time, Chairman Ntim proceeded to furnish the party with fourteen (14) vehicles to not only make the party more mobile in its attempts to campaign, but also to reinforce his commitment to the course of the great Elephant_.


As a successful Entrepreneur and forward-thinking business man, Chairman Ntim skillfully leverages the power of teamwork to create value for everyone. Indeed, the hallmark of any good leader is to leave behind a lasting legacy that cannot be challenged or ignored. _To this end, Chairman Ntim as part of his initial manifesto and subsequent ones, promised to help the respective constituencies put up their own offices – by assisting them with the needed seed capital – and by extension – rake in the necessary sponsorship to complete same_. Had his Chairmanship bid seen the light of the day, I can safely say that the respective constituency offices across the length and breadth of the Country, would have seen this vision come to fruition.


It is understandable when due to pain or bitterness, a once loyal individual may rethink his or her dedication to the common good; and resort to a self-centered approach. Keeping that in mind, although Chairman Ntim has suffered many things in his quest to serve the NPP, his track record is there for all to see, as having never abandoned his ever-admirable trait of honesty and loyalty. He is not only supported the eventual winners of the Chairmanship race in the past, but also humbly accepted all roles required of him by the party in all of its elections.


_*Stephen Ntim possesses a well-thought out plan to break the 8-year Political Power jinx that has bedeviled the party over the years*_. This in my view stands out as his unique selling proposition to the great Elephant; and what a sweet victory it will be, when the NPP extends its stay in power beyond the 8-year period.
Chairman Ntim enjoys the art of service — and hence — it comes as no surprise that he has dedicated his time and resources over the years to visit most constituencies of the party nation-wide. In truth, the NPP needs a brother and friend in the person of its Chairman and not an Armchair Chairman.

Again, did I mention that Chairman Ntim is a fluent French speaker? Surely, after his time at the University of Ghana, he served the nation during his national service days as a French tutor at Katheco. However, if you don’t see the relevance of this, then wait until you find yourself scratching your head for the lack of words when dealing with a potential Francophone business investor as a party Chairman.

The NPP needs a versatile leader with the much-needed effects of critical thinking to help the Akuffo Addo government deliver on its promise of Ghana beyond aid, and I dare say that Chairman Ntim will not rest until the NPP completes this noble project.
In the words of President Obama, “a setback is a setup for a comeback to glory,” and grassroots are counting on the delegates of the great Elephant to keep faith with Chairman Ntim by securing a landslide victory come June, 2018.