Statement: The problems of this country is no longer corruption, Chunk of the problem is common sense – Dr Hassan Ayariga

Common sense because we said Mahama and his administration were corrupt and for which reason the Ghanaian voters decided, I mean most people replaced Mahama with Nana Addo to plan and review “the past practice where corruption” caused discrimination and injustice in society, poverty and hunger amongst the majority of the Ghanaian population and crime so as to improve and enhance our living conditions as a people.

Has corruption stopped because Nana Addo and his administration are managing the affairs of the country? Certainly Big NO

However, we keep defending and projecting corruption and corrupt officials every now and then all because they belong to our political party and GOVERNMENT but not because of integrity to serve. Funny, really funny indeed !

NDC will forever defend their own, the corrupt officials amongst them. So will NPP also continue to defend their own, the corrupt officials amongst them. The voters, mostly the poor and needy will forever que to vote and elect them and even quarrel among ourselves in support and favour of ” thieves ”

Support and vote APC and Hassan Ayariga as the next president of the Republic of Ghana. The real choice for change !!!