Statement: NPP External Branches Warn Former President Mahama

Never did any sane Ghanaian or we of the above organisation in the diaspora ever imagine that a former president who is seeking his party’s nomination as a flag bearer, in a bid to wrestle power in the future will make such a callous statement.

The evidence has always been there, and it is obvious that some individuals of a blood thirsty Revolutionary party are trying to outdo each other in callousness. We believe that former president Mahama’s insensitive and reckless statement must be condemned by all Ghanaians who cherish the peace on the land.

According to Nelson Mandela, ‘courage was
not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear’. It is clear that the former president and his revolutionary ilk are not brave after all and in their attempt to conquer their fear unleashes violence on the people they vowed to serve.

As the luckiest politician ever, albeit tasting whatever position politics affords, (Assembly man, Member of Parliament, Minister, Vice President and President) one would have thought that he will be circumspect with regards to his utterances. But no! No wonder he failed in all positions he’s ever held. You and your party raised hell, and accused Nana Addo of being pro-violent because of the message all-die-be-die, interestingly, the accuser has become the hero, ensuring peace in Dagbon, and peace between Asantehene and Okyehene.

Ghanaians will not be fooled by your utterances Mr. Former President. You presided over the most corrupted Government our country has ever seen.

Your government was the most incompetent ever experienced in our country’s history, sending the country to unfathomable abyss. Under your leadership, we lost our dignity and respect as a country, and just like in Machiavellian times, moral decadence and social breakdown, opulent display
of ill-gotten wealth, and all social ills reared their head.

Two years after you received the worse ever political verdict Ghana has ever seen, you are
shamelessly back seeking your party’s nomination. Indeed, you are notable for your incongruousness as Ghanaians still remember that you have a “dead goat syndrome”.

One thing you believe Ghanaians still remember is your party’s revolutionary and violent roots even as you accused us of having “short memories”. Indeed your party’s violent records are well documented and therefore we need not be reminded. We are and have always been calmly aware of the inhumane treatment your party subjected us to. We have not forgotten the verbal, physical, and emotional abuse we suffered under the guise of a revolution, where children, adults, women, and men were stripped naked and whipped in full public glare.

We will always remember the missing thousands who were placed in military kitty and dropped at sea. We have not forgotten the sheer envy and seizure of businesses and properties of innocent hardworking people. NPP believe in individual and
private ownership of businesses and properties.

The descent minded people of Ghana and we of the noble party remained calm in the face of all these adversities. What we want you to note is that, times have changed and Ghanaians will not be dragged into that characteristics of avarice. “Kume prɛko”, and “sie me prɛko” are still fresh on our minds; let my vote count cannot be discounted either.

Shame on you, and find a proper message. Is it any wonder your party colleagues are now speaking freely of your greedy guts otherwise, why would a failure like you be seeking to come back as the president? We have always noted your lack of sound ideas and policies. First you said “Idey be kɛ kɛ”, you later said “Toaso” and now you are back with “boot for boot”.

For long you have treated Ghanaians with disrespect and disdain and surrounded yourselves with armour of lies and propaganda much to the chagrin of the founding fathers of your own party who claim to have built it on the principles of probity, accountability, and integrity. How else can you explain the fact that in an era of information and quality public relations your party can establish an office of propaganda secretary? What for? It is a pitiful pity that when leaders like you turn themselves into technocrats and managers’, ignorance takes centre stage and relegates knowledge, wisdom and experience to the background.

The unfortunate part of uncovering or exposing the evil plot of your party in Ayawaso West
Wuogon is that, it came at such a bitter price. But please be forewarned and do not say nobody warned you. We will not allow you or the newly refined babies with sharp teeth in your party to take us down that lane again. remember Mandela? “Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.”

Mr. Rayan Salisu – Austria
Mr. S.D Oduro (Ranking Member) -Belgium
Mr. Augustine Yeboah – Czech Republic
Mr. Paul Kyei – Denmark
Tanyaw Kwabena Awuah, (Civilian General) – South Africa
Mr. Frank Kwarteng – France
Mr. Peter Thompson – Finland
Dr. Aboagye Da Costa – UK
Mr. Philip Tettey – Ireland
Mr. Augustine Y. Agbenaza- USA
Mr. Augustine Sungliedong Yozagla – Spain
Mr. Akwasi Opoku Edusei – Germany
Mr. Elvis Agyei –Holland
Mr. Antwi Bosiako – Italy
Mr. Josef Etbon- Sweden