Hon. Kwesi Biney want the entire NPP family in Ahanta West Constituency and Ghana as a whole to know that he has no intention of contesting as an independent candidate. He appreciates the constant visitation, and the assurance of supports by the party faithfuls across the political divides.

It is intriguing, however, not disappointing that some people in their bid to achieve their self centered aim are spreading rumours that *Hon. Kwesi Biney* would be contesting the 2020 general elections as an independent candidate. This is palpable falsehood and must be treated with the contempt it deserves.

The same thing was said about him after the 2015 primaries with the motive of destroying his had earned reputation in NPP both at local and national levels.

It is obvious that Hon. Kwesi Biney, the best DCE Ahanta West has ever had and the only icon of Ahanta West at national level knows the NPP constitution and would not do anything contrary to it.

Hon. Biney’s contribution to the NPP in the 2016 elections and Ahanta West is known by everyone. Hon. Biney want such people to channel their gossiping energy towards more productive endeavours such as, securing jobs for the Ahanta youths, lobbying for Ahanta development and projecting Ahanta land at local and national levels.

Patience is a priceless virtue. Hence, all NPP faithfuls, sympathizers and the good people of Ahanta West constituency should wait till nominations are opened by the party to see whether he would contest or not.
All the necessary publications concerning his stance with regards to the Ahanta West NPP primaries will be made known to the NPP fraternity as the party constitution requires.

Hon. Biney would always champion the course of Ahanta, fight for job opportunities for his people, groom and develop the youthful members of the party and bring developmental projects to the Ahanta land.

Long Live Ahanta
Long Live NPP


*Aquinas Knox Kwofie*
*Press and media aide*