Statement: Founder of GetBlayEndorsed(GEBE) Ishmael P. Dimah Thanks All

I wish to on behalf of Chairman Blay and on my own behalf as founder of GetBlayEndorsed(GEBE) thank all of you for the enormous support and cooperation shown over the past one year. GEBE started almost a year ago with the vision of electing Blay as the substantive Chairman of our party and we have,together achieved this feat successfully albeit it enormousness..

I wish to request once more,that we continue to rally our unflinching support for Chairman Blay to ensure he succeed from now to 2020 and beyond. When anything is posted here kindly open and read it, digest it and share for the purpose of our Chairman and NPP as a fraternity.

Thank you for believing in me and thank you for supporting and even voting for Blay .

To @⁨Sadat GEBE⁩ @⁨Ishmael A Prez⁩ @⁨Frimpong Hq⁩ @⁨Sylvester GEBE⁩ @⁨Charles PA Blay⁩ etc… thanks once again for getting this job done.

Ishmael P. Dimah