State Attorney Collapses In Court

A State Attorney (name withheld) on Monday collapsed barely few minutes after entering the Criminal High Court Four on the third floor of the New Courts Complex building to prosecute a case.

Unconfirmed report indicates that she walked from the Attorney General’s Department (about 500metres) to the New Court Complex.

State Attorneys are transported in an urvan bus to their daily duty post at the courts.

The Ghana News Agency information indicates that on days that the bus was unavailable, most of the State Attorney’s who do not have their own vehicles either hired the services of a taxi or walk depending on the distance to a particular court.

The plight of the State Attorney compelled the sitting judge to suspend sitting whilst other lawyers including Mr Akrasi Sarpong former Narcotic Control Board boss went to her aid.

Some lawyers were also seen using their case file to fan her whilst others searched for water to sprinkle on her, all in an attempt to revive her until the court’s complex medical personnel were called in.

The court‘s medical team moved swiftly with a wheel chair and transported her to the ground floor for detailed medical attention.