Spirituality Shouldn’t Be Violation To The Vulnerable – Joyce Zempare

It is utterly sad, appalling and inhumane the way and manner some spiritual leaders in the country are taking advantage of ‘spirituality’ in compromising and breaching the fundamental human rights of some members of their congregation, most especially women and children. This may be attributed to a greater extent the absence of empiricism in spiritual matters that has generated this rampant dispiriting manner in which these spiritual leaders perform their functions.

Inasmuch as we can’t dispute the relevance of spirituality in our very existence, we have to be circumspect and tread cautiously in the way our consciences are being turned into spiritualities which are beyond normalities and human imagination.

I had the opportunity to watch a TV show where children were lined up and accused of being witches, wizards and other uncivilized and unacceptable accusations. In doing this and in telecasting such activities on national televisions and other social media outlets, we cannot lose sight of the erroneous implications and effects such accusations will have on the development of the child especially the stigmatization such a child will have to deal with. The trend has now escalated and these spiritual leaders are now calling for female underwear and other ‘private’ bodily apparels for what they (spiritual leaders) refer to as “spiritual intervention” exercises. Only God knows what next they will be demanding from the congregants.

Yes, we may not have the capability to delve into spiritual matters. However, we are aware of what the Bible teaches us especially about the latter day prophets; “By their deeds, you shall know them”.

I am therefore calling on the Christian Council of Ghana, The National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC), The Clergy, Civil Society Organizations, Feminist Groups and other interest groups to do all they can to sanitize the system and to intervene to ensure that decorum prevails in all spheres of spiritual activities especially when they are dealing with human beings.

We have to obey God
We have to respect human beings.

Joyce Konokie Zempare
*Incoming National Women Organizer*