Social media users descend on Moesha for having fair body and black feet

Instagram Celebrity, Moesha Boudong has faced serious criticism after she posted some sultry pictures of herself on Intagram.

In the photo, the actress almost exposed her female s*x organ to the world and that got users of social media admiring and condemning.

Well, one thing about the photos that Facebook users who are very critical of what people share was her feet which were not fair like her skin.

A Facebook user, Kwasi Osei-Danso Ofori-Atta who spotted that difference in a post on Facebook said “So now that the toning/bleaching creams have been banned, how will she finish the work on her feet? Photography can deceive anyways, it is possible light didn’t fall on her feet and I am also not seeing well. #DiamondByPhrimpong Repeating”.

This post sparked several heartbreaking comments about the actress who is known for posting only racy photos of herself on Instagram.