Slow pace of voter exhibition and discrepancies in Ash Region -Hon Alex Attivor Sawyer

The Regional Vice Chairman in charge of operations of the Ruling National democratic congress in Ashanti  Hon.Alex Attivor Sawyer has observed that the electoral commission voter exhibition started on a wrong footing ie slow pace in the exhibition by the electorate.

The process according to the vice chair incharge of operations also detected that at Ejura 7 people who were given to the party as people whose names were taken out of the register as a result of the usage of national health insurance cards they used in registration process and on his rounds detected that additional 2 people who used health insurance ID cards still had their names in the voters register according to the documents the EC presented to them ie the NDC party.

There were other discrepancies especially in Mampong where 118 exhibition centres were supposed to be in place but only 117 were available at the time he visited. When he contacted the EC, he was told the remaining one was going to be in place for the remainder of the exhibition

At the Sekyere south district with its capital as Agona 512 from the official EC document were challenged 326 was cleared as such were entitled to be given their voter id cards whilst 186 were to be denied because they were minors, but intriguingly these 186 names were in the list for the exhibition and as an official report to correct this anomaly

He finally called on the Electorate to go and check and help  get a credible register for the 21 days the EC set aside for this exercise and further added that political opponents who consistently complained  about foreigners ie Togoleise in the voters register should help get those names out of the register to enable as conduct a credible, peaceful december polls he concluded.