Shatta blasts Prodigal of VVIP over Nima community show.

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has fired back at Prodigal for chastising him over the situation of the former’s upcoming event.

There appears to be a misunderstanding between the two over venue for both artistes’ separate events this Eid.

Prodigal expressed his displeasure following Shatta Wale’s announcement to hold his at Nima; the same venue Prodigal’s group, VVIP have been holding theirs since 1998.

In a rebuttal, Shatta Wale posted on his Facebook wall that he will not engage in a “stupid fight”.

“People are fighting for oil, gold, diamond and money to survive and you just have some myopic mind down somewhere fighting over a community show..If Nima be your own take and take do Jollof rice..I won’t fight a stupid fight and even Win..”

Capture shatta

The VVIP group member on Sunday insulted Shatta Wale for planning to stage a concert at Nima during this year’s Sallafest whilst he, Shatta Wale knows very well that his group has been doing that for years and will be repeating it.
The “Kaikai” hitmaker in a snapchat post also used unprintable words to react to Prodigal’s post.

He said, “no wonder your rap is wack like your own toilet”