Shadrach Mireku takes over NUGS

The National Union of Ghana students brings you its warmest felicitations. Our union which is the mother body of all students unions in the country have for sometimes now been in court to as it were find a permanent solution(s) to its internal problems and mishaps, but it’s rather a sad commentary to have read on whatsapp platforms and other social media a suppose release coming from a particular disgruntled individuals who wants to rewrite and offer their own explanation and of course, their very own interpretation to the orders the high court of the land gave in its recent sitting “that since the plaintiffs, in this case NUGS as the first plaintiff, LUQMAN ABUBAKARI as the second plaintiff and EMMANUEL BOAKYE YIADOM as third plaintiffs respectfully have not properly captured in their writ to the court involving the other eight (8) self imposed executives from the DEFENDANTS, they are therefore freed from the case and hence can act as NUGS officers until the applicants amend their writ.

The union however wants to bring to the attention of the beloved students of Ghana that the other 8 executives from LUQMAN ABUBAKARI are not part of the suit and that their legitimacy is not and has not been challenged in any court and hence are free to carry on the works of the union just as granted them in the first ruling that saw the Defendants side of the executives INJUNCTED until the full crust of the matter is determined. Nonetheless, the NUGS solicitors shall file soon a stay of execution and a notice of appeal to challenge the order, whilst same shall file an amendment writ in the high court to fully restrain the defendants who wants to rewrite and overturn the court orders in their favor at this difficult times of our union, they must be seen and known as wreckers of the students front and must be treated with the highest deal of contempt, disregard and disassociation in the fullest of time.

We state emphatically, that the messages from the defendants should be treated as contemptuous, Vexatious, Unmeritorious, Capricious, frivolous, whimsical, act of deceit, to bring the hard earned reputation of the association into disrepute.

NUGS equally brings it to the notice of the Ghanaian student(s) and the General public at large that the other eight (8) executive officers of the union who are not in court shall take charge of the activities of our dear union under the leadership of SHADRACH MIREKU the General secretary as the acting president to keep up with the Day To Day running of the union in the best interest of the students of Ghana.

We also want to use this medium to acknowledge receipt of a letter from the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) calling on (Plaintiffs) to withdraw suit against the defendants in other to make way for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) considering the fact that the matter will travel beyond the NUGS year if allowed to travel to its logical conclusion. We also like to place on records that the lawyers of the plaintiffs suggested same in court of which because of the greed and pride of the defendants who wish to destroy our honorable association decided not to give in to our cause.

We equally appreciate the strides of the Reconciliation Committee to set things right but we wish to state that all energies must be channeled to the defendants who are holding the union to ransom.

We want to put on record that we will use any means necessary to restore calmness.

The union is keeping with the character orientation of the Ghanaian students and would therefore state that, we share in the difficult moment and times of the ordinary student at this extraordinary days and times.


The Democratic, Non-Partisan & Non-Religious Mother Body of all Student Unions, with the aim of protecting the Rights & Interest of The Ghanaian student since The 1930’s.
Aluta Continua ! Victoria Ascerta !!