Sekyere East DCE Commissions 10 Seater KVIP at Buoya

The Sekyere East District Chief Executive, Hon Mary Boatemaa Marfo commissioned a 10 seater KVIP at Buoya in the Sekyere East District of Ashanti Region.

In an interview with the DCE, she said the town is the only town in the District without electricity, coupled with public place of convenience and portable drinking water. These are major problems facing the town. Although, the assembly is not financially sound, prudent measures were taken to meet the needs of the residents, and that their priorities as an assembly have been set.

She admonished the residents of the town to take proper care of the facility and show high culture of maintenance so that they can use that one to lobby for more infrastructural projects. She expressed her gratefulness to the assemblyman for the area Mr Emmanuel Frimpong who has never relented in his efforts to serve his people and urged him to continue as such.

The Assembly member, Hon Frimpong Emmanuel, on behalf on the people of Buoya expressed their sincere, profound and heartfelt gratitude to the DCE and the assembly for their support, and appealed to them for more infrastructural projects. He promised the DCE and the assembly that absolute care will be taken to see to it that the KVIP is always maintained.

dce seda at buoya

Emmanuel Appau Marfo/