Security officers have turned against us – Agogo Youth decry

Residents of Agogo have accused the security agencies of selective justice in the ongoing “Operation Cow Leg” aimed at driving out some of the Fulani herdsmen who are said to be causing trouble in the area.

It is reported that the security agencies deployed to the area to enforce the court order that will lead to a possible eviction of stubborn nomadic herdsmen in the area have rather been biased and irresponsible in the said operations.

The chairman of Agogo Youth Association, Emmanuel Buabeng who spoke to Kasapa 102.3 FM said the security officers have neglected the plight of the ordinary citizen of Agogo and are backing some of the nomads to remain in the enclave with their cattle still destroying farmlands.

“The security men have not been professional in enforcing the court order as expected which demands that all cattle that are not currently ranched should be captured- they’re going round with a list and not touching some animals. We hear the DCE has given them a list of certain cattle belonging to some Ghanaians that are not supposed to be touched in their operation.

“The natives who should be protected are now being pursued leaving the nomads and their grazing cattle to destroy our farmlands, when they are supposed to flush out the herdsmen troubling the residents in the area.

“Just yesterday some fulanis went destroying certain farms belonging to some Kokomba’s and even burnt their houses. The perpetrated are walking freely while four of the victims who suffered the attack have been put behind bars- what kind of cruelty is this?” Buabeng fumed in an interview with Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM.

Meanwhile the Eastern Regional Police Commander, DCOP Awuntubuge Awuni has given a directive to the security personnel in the Region to shoot and kill what he calls “stubborn cows” belonging to Fulani herdsmen in the region.

He gave the order during the re-launch of the campaign, “Operation Cow Leg” aimed at driving out some of the Fulani herdsmen who are said to be causing trouble in the area.