The Security Of My Constituents Paramount—Hon Owusu Amankwah

The Member of Parliament for Manhyia North in Kumasi, Hon Collins Owusu Amankwah, has noted with grave concern that he values a constituency that is calm and peaceful and with good security for all citizens than otherwise.

He said the absence of acrimony, robbery, accidents and the likes enhance the well being of the constituents even apart from the peace he will have to do his work as a legislator.

Donating two motor cycles to the Airport Police station, the young MP noted that it has been his resolve since he became a legislator to help the police in his constituency in any way he can to make their work better and easier.

“When there are so many reports of armed robbery or stealing, rampant acrimony or gangsterism, investors are discouraged from coming in to establish their businesses or even partner with us. So we end up disturbing our own selves.

But when we are able to equip the police in addition to what the Central Government is doing, they get encouraged to go any length to perform their constitutionally mandated duties well”. He pointed.

The two 1100 capacity Kawasaki motor bikes according to the MP was to facilitate the work of the police in the constituency in enforcing law and order, and also protecting his constituents from harmful persons.

This act of the MP greatly moved the constituents who expressed joy that he indeed had good thoughts about them.

On several occasions after assuming the MP position in Manhyia North, Hon. Collins Owusu Amakwah has made presentations of varied amounts to the constituency.

He completed an Ultra Modern Police station in Buokrom F line which had been abandoned for years. He has always contributed to night patrols of policemen by regularly giving them money for fuel.