Save The Second Year Gold Trackers Now – Assem Humphrey Darkeh

The semester’s schedule for the track system for both first years and second years should be reviewed. This is due to the following reasons;

From the time table released, it is seen that the green batch of the second year will resume while the gold stays home till March. Since students learn better among themselves, it is better they resume together.
One may say, this cannot be possible due to inadequate classrooms amidst other factors. To help curb this issue, there should be an alternating schedule for the first years and second years.

Both tracks of a year’s batch should be in school at a particular time while the other year’s batch stays home waiting to resume upon the former’s vacation.

Each year group could spend a month or two at a time. This will go a long way to curb the almost redundant nature that students are compelled to experience for months at home.

That notwithstanding, due to the strike action that teachers embarked on last year November, the gold track of the first and second year groups were really affected as their instructional hours were drastically reduced hence, affecting teaching and learning . In the event that the above suggestion is not turntable, l will further suggest that the gold tracks both first and second years should be given that priority , as they are already lagging behind.

Staying long in school does not necessarily amount to good teaching and learning as it comes with attendant problems such as fatigue on the part of both teachers and students on one part and the non academic staff on the other part. It can also lead to promiscuity amongst students. Besides, I don’t think the planners of this program for the semester took into account the health implications to the teachers who hitherto are the soul drivers of this program.

Some of the teachers have no break in the who year since they teach all the tracks. Can we have a broader national consultation on this issue at least to see the way forward?

The future of this country risk collapsing if parents, educationists, Pastors, chiefs, policy makers, the peace council and the council of state refuse to act ahead of time. The time to do this is now.

Assem Humphrey Darkeh