The veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe known in showbiz as “Maame Dokono” has advised the upcoming celebrities to invest and save their money for future unforeseen occurrences.
“Maame Dokono” shared her life story when interviewed on Kessben fm Entertainment Circle hosted by D.J Roar, that most celebrities lavish their time and money on Alcoholism, womanizing, Drugs and show off affluence with no proper management and planning in their early days of their peak time on showbiz which they don’t think of the possibility of fading out in the system.
“I sometimes feel embarrassed when I hear some celebrities seeking for support from fans to cater for themselves at their deplorable stage”.
Before I came to the industry, my mum advised me to avoid lavishing on cars instead invest and acquire my own house for future occurrence because I can’t be a superstar forever and nothing is permanent in life.
Of course am weak at the age of 70, which I cannot gain fame as previously as on my peak age most of my fans join queues to greet me but I built my foundation by catering for my kids, educated myself and gain properties which I don’t lack right now

This issues was raised because of recent cases of celebrities seeking for help from government and the public to support them on their sick bed.

credit: Leticia Asante