Sarfo Raphael Patrick Writes: AMEND Article 199 (1) NOW !

The call and agitation for the retirement of political appointees above 60years is needless and need to be re considered . The people behind this wicked agenda to agitate to draw the attention of the president to effect this move is useless and needless and must rethink about their dangerous course . Article 119(1) of the constitution that calls for the compulsory retirement to me must be amended immediately . Why ??

How will Ghana have benefit from free SHS if President Akuffo Addo has been retired and rested at home at age 60 ??

Check the leaderships and performance of the current so called over 60 years appointees

Sir John introduced and created over 20000 jobs for the youth at forestry commission

Kofi Juma has revolutionized GIHOC with his leadership . Good and check his few days record at GIHOC

Dr Anthony Nsia Asare is now called Dr Drones because of his tireless collaborations to introduce the drone technology . His defense for the need to introduce the new technology in Ghana was superb and every Ghanaian can attest to it especially when the Ndc wanted to demonize it . He stood to the defense . He is too proactive and knows his job at GHS

Dr KK Sarpong is rebuilding GNPC again and this is a public knowledge .

Name them and convince me why their talents should be asked to go waste . I humbly call on all Ghanaians who truly believe in experience to support the debate to amend the constitution to make way for healthy and competent Ghanaians to continue to serve Ghana in peace without any pressure from agenda pushers .


I therefore propose and recommend the following

1. An extension of our compulsory retirement age from from 60 to 65 or more
2. An optional and non compulsory retirement age of 60 or below where a civil servant or political appointee can voluntarily retire from service
3. Both early retirement and compulsory must come with h a cost .

The time to think

Sarfo Raphael Patrick