Samoa Mensa writes: Demons in angelic Police uniform – The Politician’s nightmare to deal with

The past couple of weeks have been filled with series of sad yet interesting happenings in the political affairs of Ghana.

Surprisingly, within the same week, political figures from the two leading parties in the country all voiced out their distrust for the operational and investigation apparatus of the Ghana Police on different media platforms.

Sam George of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Member of Parliament of Nungo-Prampram, on some media platforms claimed the Police did nothing to prevent the assault on him by the said National Security Operatives in the just ended parliamentary bye- elections held at Ayawaso-West Wuogon Constituency.

Similarly, Ken Agyepong of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, said same on BBC; when he was answering questions to prove his innocence in relation to the murder of Tiger Eye PI’s undercover journalist, Ahmed-Hussein Suale. Some Ghanaianas are of the view that Mr. Agyepong’s public incitement contributed to the killing of Mr. Ahmed-Hussein.

Although it is their own individual opinion and may not represent the bigger view of their respective parties, in the eyes of the public, it is especially so for a Political Party who is not in power. The ruling Party may however be indifferent when one talks about distrust for the Police.

Must it be so that whenever a Party is in opposition, they tend to doubt the very Police they worked with few years back?

If the Politician do not and cannot trust the Police, who do we blame? Apart from Politicians themselves, who else ought to share the blame if they (Politicians) have the view that the Police are being sub-standard in terms of their performance?

The public have cried out in so many ways about the Police but the politician refused to hear them. Yes, they would not even listen to make them hear what the public say because they (Politicians) made the Police who they are and what they do.

We have been in the country and for years now have observed how selection and recruitment into the Ghana Police is done. When Party Chairpersons, District Chief Executives, Members of Parliament and other bigwigs of the ruling Party submit list of their own family members and or card bearing members of their party to be given advantage in Police selection process, how would credibility and integrity not be overlooked?

In most cases, good people who apply and are not affiliated to the ruling party fail in the process.

Politicians have means of ensuring that they fill up numbers in our Security Services with their own members. Credibility is sure to be overlooked. However the fact remains that the high percentage of credible Ghanaians are not registered with any Political Party; these are floating voters who go the poll to vote based on issues. Most of these credible Citizens are denied of their rights to serve in our prestigious Security Institutions.

Lack of adequate transparency and credibility during recruitment process in the Police is the obvious reason for the cause of distrust for the Police now. When both the ruling Party and opposition Party lose trust in the Police, is it not a threat on our security as a Nation? A very bad signal would be sent out the public. Many would be the effects; such as increase in instant justice, mob justice, riots, chaos etc. This is because citizens would refuse to report cases to the Police due to lack of trust.

Currently, it seems natural vengeance is taking place in the Country. Some Politicians are dealing with their own demons they forcibly put in the seemingly angelic Police uniform years back. I hope this would be a lesson that can cause you to repent in your actions related to recruitment of Police when you are given the opportunity to govern again.

In my opinion, if we wish to have a more efficient Police force who shall not be influenced by any subsequent Government, integrity and credibility must remain our top priority during the selection and recruitment process of the Ghana Police.

God bless Ghana.