Ronaldo second on all-time list of international scorers

Cristiano Ronaldo has now registered 75 international goals, taking him alongside Sándor Kocsis in second place on the list of Europe’s all-time top scorers. Only Ferenc Puskás lies ahead

Cristiano Ronaldo has moved level with Sándor Kocsis in second place in the list of Europe’s all-time leading marksmen.

The Real Madrid forward struck Portual’s opener against New Zealand in the FIFA Confederations Cup, his fourth strike in as many outings this month. The 32-year-old has some way to go to catch Ferenc Puskás’s record of 84 goals, but if he continues at this rate then there is every chance he will.

Europe’s all-time top international goalscorers
Ferenc Puskás (Hungary & Spain) – 84 goals in 89 appearances
Sándor Kocsis (Hungary) – 75 in 68
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 75 in 142
Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 71 in 137
Gerd Müller (West Germany) – 68 in 62
Robbie Keane (Republic of Ireland) – 68 in 146
Zlatan Ibrahimović (Sweden) – 62 in 116
Imre Schlosser (Hungary) – 59 in 68
David Villa (Spain) – 59 in 97
Jan Koller (Czech Republic) – 55 in 91
Joachim Streich (East Germany) – 55 in 102
Wayne Rooney (England) – 53 in 117
Poul Nielsen (Denmark) – 52 in 38
Jon Dahl Tomasson (Denmark) – 52 in 112
Lajos Tichy (Hungary) – 51 in 72
Hakan Sükür (Turkey) – 51 in 112
Thierry Henry (France) – 51 in 123
Robin van Persie (Netherlands) – 50 in 101


How Ronaldo’s international goals have come

Home or away?
Thirty-six of Ronaldo’s strikes have come at home, 27 away and 12 at final tournaments.

Win, lose or draw?
Ronaldo has scored in 53 games, with Portugal going on to win 44 of them. They have drawn four and lost five.

One, two; a one, two, three, four

Cristiano Ronaldo: My Portugal story
Ronaldo has hit three hat-tricks, plus one four-goal salvo. There have been 13 doubles, with the remaining 36 goals coming in the single file.

Favourite opponents
Five of Ronaldo’s haul have come against each of Armenia, Latvia and Sweden, with four apiece at Andorra, Estonia and the Netherlands’ expense. He has netted against 33 different sides in all but never against France, Spain, Germany, Italy or England.