‘Ribery thinks he is like Ronaldo and Messi!’

Markus Babbel has slammed the France international in the wake of Carlo Ancelotti’s sacking as Bayern Munich head coach

Franck Ribery still sees himself as being on the level occupied by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, according to Markus Babbel.

Former Bayern Munich defender Babbel has slammed Ribery, who is out injured after suffering a serious knee ligament injury against Hertha Berlin on Sunday, in the wake of Carlo Ancelotti’s sacking as head coach.

Ancelotti was removed from his position last week after a 3-0 Champions League defeat away to Paris Saint-Germain, in which he left big names like Ribery and Arjen Robben on the substitutes’ bench.

Babbel was frustrated to see the blame for Bayern’s slow start to 2017-18 placed on Ancelotti and feels Ribery represents a fading force.

“Franck Ribery has not scored a goal in the Champions League in the last two years,” Babbel said to Sky 90.

“He still sees himself on the same level as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. But the truth is different. The truth is when it matters, he is not there.

“It is a bit annoying for me that the whole thing is now shifted to Carlo Ancelotti. Ribery has great merits for the club and has been a fantastic player. But this position he once held is one he cannot now fulfil in my eyes.”

Ribery threw his shirt into the substitutes’ bench when Ancelotti replaced the 34-year-old in the closing stages of last month’s home Champions League win over Anderlecht.

“This is an absolute no-go for me,” added Babbel, who won three Bundesliga titles with Bayern.

“The club would have had to react – but this is exactly the problem. If Franck Ribery is offended, he calls Uli Hoeness and then you have already lost as a coach.

“For me, some Bayern players live too much in the past. We were world champions, we won the Champions League many times.
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“But it is about the actual state of the team and I would be very surprised if Carlo Ancelotti did not recognise this and set his team up accordingly [against PSG].”

Babbel also claimed Ribery brought friends and family into the Bayern dressing room, saying: “When you see friends and family members sitting in the dressing room after a game, then I ask myself why.”

When asked which player he was referring to, Babbel replied: “Franck Ribery. And then the next one comes around says, of course, ‘if he can bring his friends and family, then I will bring them as well’.”