Rev. McForson Exposes Bishop Obinim’s Hypocrisy


Freemen Methodist pastor and Kessben Fm broadcast Preacher Rev.  McForson has shared his thought on Bishop Obinim’s flogging of two teenagers at his church premises for fornication.

According to Rev. McForson, Bishop Obinim’s actions weren’t right “whipping the two teenagers who engaged themselves in sexual intercourse could be disastrous especially for the pregnant girl”. He further questioned Obinim’s acts by juxtaposing them with scriptures, quoting Jesus Christ whipping the Pharisee’s making transactions at the church premises and Proverbs 13:24 saying they were in a particular context.

Adding that, those two acts cannot be compared with that of the controversial Bishop Obinim.

He continued that, Obinim attributed his mistakes to the devil after was allegedly caught sleeping with his junior pastor’s wife some time ago. “The ideal solution was to counsel them at home since none is perfect and saint in the presence of God” Rev. Mcforson opined.

Rev. Forson attributed the conduct of Bishop Obinim to him not been a member of Christian council of Ghana that is why he is behaving that.

The controversial pastor of International God’s Way Church Bishop Obinim flogged the two teenagers he has adopted during his church service to deter other church members who engage themselves in immoral acts. One of his adopted son who is 16 years old and a student impregnated a 14 years girl still undergoing apprenticeship.


credit: Leticia Asante