RescueMe app to be launched Oct 4

Rescue Group, a shipping and online marketing company is expected to launch RescueMe app to find a close-definite solution to the country’s problems with regard to prompt responses to emergency cases.


RescueMe app will serve as an effective channel between users of the app and the country’s rapid response unit in addressing day-to-day exigencies.

Chief Executive Officer of Rescue Group, Selasi Koffi Ackom told Class News’ Kwesi Parker-Wilson that the RescueMe app which will be launched at the Golden Tulip Hotel on 4th of October 2017 is a locally developed app, user friendly, fast, reliable and convenient for its purpose will afford the user the opportunity to film a 10 seconds video of any happenings which requires emergency services to avoid prank calls.

‘’The user is required to open the app at any point of need. After opening the app, the user will be required to fill the spaces on the app. After filling the spaces, the app will automatically detect the client’s location and before final submission, the app will require the user to film a 10 second video to proof need. Once the user finally clicks on the submission button, our call agents seated at call centre room will get the signal and follow up immediately to the user,” Mr Ackom explained adding that ‘’After speaking to the client with much clarity and video evidence, our agent will then direct the appropriate service provider to the scene or location for assistance.’’

He expressed confidence that with the introduction of the RescueMe app, the complaints by some section of the public not being able to reach emergency numbers in times of need would come to an end.

“Several times, you hear some complains that by the time I got the fire service on the phone, the fire had already spread and destroyed everything, the police lines were down. But with the introduction of this app, we have already taken regard to the pool of private and government ambulances and fire service. We also have doctors, nurses, paramedics on duty at all times to handle health emergency situations. Already we have collected data of private towing services and mechanics in all districts in Accra, so the trend of unfortunate incidents will reverse. If not solved entirely then I can say it will take a nosedive.’’

He added that Rescue Group will also introduce the, an online market place which is expected to be the most secured, easiest, most convenient e-commerce portal for all Ghanaians to patronise their goods and services.