Religious Leaders take sides with Electoral Commission

Some religious leaders have wage in the controversies about the electoral commission’s decision of banning the smaller parties in the country from contesting this year’s general election.

The EC have been criticized by some smaller parties on its decision to abolish political parties without offices in two-thirds of the 216 districts by May 31.

These parties described the decision as unrealistic, saying it would defeat the purpose of multiparty democracy being championed by Ghana’s constitution but Apostle kofi Nsansah Sarkodie has expressed content with the EC.

At a press conference,  the founder of Arms Ministry explained, it’s an open secret that these smaller parties belongs or have affiliates to either the New Patriotic Party(NPP), National democratic congress(NDC) or the Convention people’s party(Cpp)

He continued, the state could save lots of money from printing ballot papers and other electoral forms should they ban the smaller parties.