Re: Alfred Obeng Refuses To Submit Handing Over Notes To New BOST MD

My attention has been drawn to the malicious and unprofessional publication titled *Alfred Obeng refuses to submit handing over notes to new BOST MD*, a publication which emanated from BOST rejoinder to a newspaper publication accusing the new MD of an illegal payment made to one company, Springfield Energy.

I want to caution the present management of BOST to leave me alone to concentrate on my private life and stop dragging my name into BOST present and future affairs.

I assumed office as Managing Director of BOST with neither a governing board, availability of my predecessor or handing over notes. However, I never blamed anybody for any of my actions, I was responsible for all my decisions because I vividly understood the consequence of all my actions. Even when I erred I was ready to suffer for it without giving any flimsy excuses such as I erred because I did not receive handing over notes from my predecessor. When you were taking the decision you didn’t realise that you were not given handing over notes but when the decision turned out to be wrong supposedly, your predecessor, Alfred Obeng must be responsible for it. Let us be sincere and honest to ourselves and the good people of Ghana.

It must be placed on record that at BOST, Managing Director is not a custodian of records, rather every information is kept by the respective heads of department and they are the technical advisors to the Managing Director. Hence for any advice or information the right person is the head of that department. For the issue at stake now, the head of legal department knows the case better than me as the former Managing Director.

Furthermore, my appointment was terminated in the afternoon of Wednesday 6th of June 2018 and was directed to leave office on Friday 8th June 2018. Meaning I had only two working days to complete some of the pending and important jobs and also to pack my things and leave the office. Obviously there was no time to take my successor through my stewardship but in any case he was not around and I don’t think I owe him a duty to look for him.

The company vehicle that was at my possession, I handed it over to you and all other outstanding issues I received a letter from you to resolve it but there was no where that you indicated that you needed any information that could not be given by the respective General Managers who head the departments.

Nonetheless there is a cordial relationship between the new Managing Director and myself, he had been to my residence on about three occasions and have been talking on phone several times. I expert Mr George Mensah Okley to consult me for any clarification if the need be because two of us had agreed to that during one of our meetings. After all we are in the same ruling political party, NPP.

Finally may I take this opportunity to remind ourselves that I only came to serve the nation in that capacity as Managing Director of BOST and whether I served diligently or not, let us leave that to posterity to judge but continuously using me as a shield by shifting every blame on me is very unfair and must be ceased henceforth.


Alfred Obeng
2nd September 2018