Rawlings for chairman posters pop up

Posters of Former President John Rawlings and founder of the National Decmocratic Congress  have popped up announcing him as the preferred choice of the chairmanship position for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).
The posters, which bear his photo has the inscription, “Papa J for National Chairman,Probity and accountability.”

It also describes the former President as “Hope for the masses” with hashtag ‘holistic agenda’

It is not clear yet where the posters are coming from, but it is worth recalling that even before the 2016 elections, it was rumoured in the political cycles that he(Rawlings) will take over the NDC.

Some  youth within the party who spoke exclusively to Kessbenfm.com said:

“The NDC is currently seen as an extreme corrupt vehicle. The only way out to redeem our lost glory is to hand over the Party to JJ Rawlings”.

“You either join or simply leave the GROUP, we don’t need all people on board just a few tenacious and serious minded young men of integrity”

Speaking at the 35th anniversary of the 31st December Revolution at the Black Star Square in Accra , the founder of the NDC slammed government officials for being impervious to the needs of Ghanaians.