Raphael Sarfo calls for donor support as Ashanti School for the deaf marks 40

As part of my social responsibility as a politician and a youth advocate , I will be using my wall and platforms to seek support and call on donors to donate their little to support the Jamasi school for the deaf .

Ashanti school for the deaf is 40 years . Hurraryyyyyyyyyy.

I paid a visit to the school today to inquire about the challenges facing the school . Among the many challenges are computers , A car to commute the pupils to centres and places that will facilitate their teaching and learning in the school , TLMs and many others .

I humbly call on all who can afford to pay a visit to the school at JAMASI off Manpong Road in the ashanti region and support the helpless teachers who are doing their best to assist these innocent children . Thanks to the government for been the only hope to the school.

The climax of the 40th Anniversary is this Saturday 14th October at the school park . All are cordially invited . The programmes and activities marking the anniversary continue till Sunday where the thanksgiving will be held.

As Usual , Raph publications will be donating some of our result oriented textbooks and workbooks to support these Ghanaian children .

Lets support a good course . If not now when ??? If not them , who ???

Now or never .

Raphael Patrick Sarfo ( Raph ),