Putting Techiman On The Map Of Ghana

Historically, the Akans which constitute the largest ethnic group in Ghana migrated from ‘ancient Bono-Takyiman’: at the historical village called “Bono Manso” a suburb of Techiman traditional area. According to history, Nana AkumfiAmeyaw III who traces his ancestry to King Akumfi Ameyaw I (1328-63), under whose reign the Bono Kingdom with its capital at “Bono Manso” grew to become the most powerful kingdom of its time. Indeed oral tradition has it that nearly all the different groups of the Akans, including the Asantes, Fantes, Denkyiras, Akwamus and part of Ewes trace their origins to Bono after migrating from the “North”.

The people of Bono are an ethnic group of ‘Takyiman’ who are Twi speaking people of the Akan group in Ghana, West Africa. The Bono territory is geographically situated between the savanna and forest zone of Ghana which makes it a prime central location for trade. Their oral history speaks to a people that migrated from place to place until they found a suitable place to build their empire.  The word “Bono” means ‘first born’; the one created first. Their oral history informs us that the earliest ancestors emerged from a hole in the ground.

Techiman is the heart of the Bonokyempim clan; a group of Traditional Bono Ahafo Chiefs who eventually joined forces and fought for the creation of the Brong Ahafo Region from Ashanti Region on 4th April 1959 by the Brong AhafoRegion Act 18, 1959. The formation of the “Bonokyempim” clan was spearheaded by the then Paramount chief of Takyiman Traditional Area, Nana Kwaakye Ameyaw III.

Moreover, Techiman traditional area is blessed with rich cultural festivities celebrated among the chiefs and people of the traditional area. Notable among the festivals which are celebrated annually are “Apoo” and “Yam” festival. Techiman traditional area continues to enjoy peaceful socio-political atmosphere among the chiefs and people of the area.

Techiman is inarguably one of the busiest towns in Ghana; no doubt it is ballyhooed as one of the leading commercial towns in Ghana. Techiman is the home of the biggest Traditional market in West Africa. The trading activities of “Techiman Market” begin from Tuesday through to Friday every week in the year and attract traders from across West Africa; no wonder Techiman is popularly referred to as the “Food Basket of Ghana”. Techiman is one of the major economic towns in Ghana generating millions of Ghana cedis annually to the economic purse of the government of Ghana through the numerous economic activities taking place in the town. Due to the socio-economic structure of the town, the population of Techiman is highly cosmopolitan, comprising of people of divers ethnic, economic, and social-political background. Techiman currently has an estimated population of over two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) people.

Techiman is currently one of the most preferred destinations for most businesses and industries. The town is currently the home of the Branches of most of the major commercial banks and other financial institutions in Ghana with others trouping in to establish their branches. Notable among these commercial banks are GCB Bank, NIB, Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, Barclays Bank, FnB Bank, Unibank, UMB Bank, ADB, Prudential Bank, GT Bank, Omni Bank, HFC Bank, GN Bank etc. Other financial institutions include Beige Capital, First Allied, Unicredit, Capital Bank, First Trust, and several other Rural Banks and Cooperative Credit Unions such as BACSOD, Abosomankotere Co-op Credit Union, Ebenezer Co-op Credit Union, Presby Co-op Credit Union, APOCON, Multi-Credit, Kintampo Rural Bank, Wamfie Rural Bank, Nsoatreman Rural Bank, among others.

Techiman is the home of one of the fastest growing Satellite campuses of Valley View University, the first Private University in Ghana. Valley View University Techiman campus has enjoyed massive patronage with over 3,000 student population pursuing both Regular and Sandwich Degree and Diploma programmes. Techiman is also the study center for University of EducationWinneba Distance Education and University of Cape Coast Distance Education (CoDE). The town has several other Public and Private senior high schools and over one hundred and fifty (150) private basic schools.

Again, most businesses in Ghana are branching in Techiman because of the viable economic indicators of the town. Techiman is noted as one of the fasted growing towns in Ghana due to its strategic location. Some of the leading local business setups in Techiman includes P.Y. Fosu Company Ltd, ASPET-A Company Ltd, Ghana Nut Ltd, F-Zeiny Co Ltd, Diamono Co Ltd, D-Trident Ventures, etc and several Public and private Hospitals including Holy Family Hospital, Opoku Agyemang Hospital, Mount Olive Hospital, Valley View Adventist Hospital, etc.

Invariably, Techiman can also boast of several private radio stations making sure that businesses are properly commercialized through the airwaves and to also ensure that people within the Techiman Township are not denied of timely local and national information. Notable among the radio stations are: ASTA Fm, Classic Fm, Adepa Fm, Free Fm, Winners Fm, Agyinkwa Fm, Gaskia Fm, and Akina Fm. Indeed Techiman is the next best destination for investors and businesses that want to take advantage of a ready market to increase their profitability. Again, there are about 50 well-furnished Hotels and over 200 Guest houses and Motels available for housing visitors and travelers. Housing and road network in Techiman is one of the best in Ghana.

Geographically, Techiman lies at the centre of Ghana with a link road from Techiman to Kumasi to the south, Sunyani to the East, Wa to the West and Tamale to the North. Techiman shares boundary with Sunyani, Wenchi, Nkoranza, Akomadan and Kintampo. It is no doubt Techiman is considered by scholars and proponents for the relocation of the capital city of Ghana from Accra as the most strategic location.

The ancient Bono-Takyiman pride herself with a well-crafted appellation:

“Bono kyempim duoduakwa,
Odomankoma bɔɔ adee, abɔɔ adee ben?
Obɔɔ Takyiman,
Takyiman firi hen ni?
Takyiman firi tete,
Takyiman kan, kan, kan.”

To wit: “Thousands of pioneers settlers who were settled anyhow;
When the Creator created things, what did he create first?
He created Takyiman
Where did Takyiman originate from?
Takyiman is ancient
Takyiman. the very, very, first.”

Indeed, the story of Techiman needs to be told because the town holds the key to Ghana’s Food security and a life-blood to her economic fortunes.

Story written by:

George K. Antwi


Bono-Takyiman Youth and Associates for Development (BoTYAD)