Profile: Madam Eileen Mary Posch-Oduro NPP National Treasurer aspirant

npp treasurer aspirant

As the Party goes to congress next year to elect its National Executives to steer the affairs for the Party to win 2020 elections, one key area that the delegates should look at and vote for is suitable Treasurer to man the Finance Department of the Party.

The National Treasurer is a sensitive position that needs someone who is globally connected to political and business stakeholders especially financiers. A person of high integrity, reliability to win and gain the trust and confidence of the Party supporters.

Madam Eileen Mary Posch-Oduro is one person the search team finds more appropriate and suitable to step in as the next National Treasurer of our dear Party. She is a strategic person who can mobilize resources well and also ensures funds are expended efficiently within budgets to achieve the Party’s objectives of winning election 2020 and beyond.

Political profile
Madam Mary has been an active member of the NPP both in Ghana and Germany. She is a founding member of the NPP in Germany since 1993 and has held many Executive positions in Germany. She was the Founding Treasurer in 1993-1997, Women Organizer [1993-1999], National Organizing Secretary [2007-2014] and currently, a member, Council of Elders.

As National Organizer, she twice hosted the then Candidate Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo in both 2008 and 2011 for party programmes in Germany. She has worked extensively with the Diaspora Branch of the Party [Germany] to mobilize resources for the party. Personally, she worked with the Late Quarshigah in the Volta Region to win the Akan Constituency Seat 2000.

During 2012 elections, she contributed financially to support constituencies in the three Northern Regions as well as supporting the electioneering campaign with a pick-up. In just ended 2016 elections, Madam Mary donated and supported selected constituencies including Dormaa West [Nkrankwanta], Asante Akyem North, Ablekuma West etc… She was actively involved in door-to-door campaign with the Dream Big Family, a V16 group to that ensured Greater Accra Region won massively in both Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

credit: Elliot Apreku Asante (Campaign Team)
Tel: 0245010688