Prof. Frimpong Boateng’s Unfortunate Comment On Noise Making Should Have Targeted Those Innumerable Beer Bars In Ghana – Sulemana Alhassan Atakpo

Last week, the Minister for Environment, Science & Technology, in the person of Prof. Frimpong Boateng met the press, and we all heard his unfortunate statement that; “Muslims make noise in their calls to prayer, and that constitute a noise pollution, as such, there should be a law binding on Muslims to call members for prayers through text messages”. Of course, many Ghanaians and my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters have registered their displeasures on the statement above from the Minister. In fact, I would like to use this medium to join hands with these fellow Ghanaians who believe in unequivocal terms that such an unfortunate statement shouldn’t have come out from such a great Minister of our time. Indeed, I have had time to listen to the statement with avid interest, and of course, Prof. Frimpong Boateng erred big time.

In that regard, I condemn the statement without any shred of equivocation, and though I am not the spokesperson for the party but having listened to the position of NPP as a party, it is crystal clear that it is not the position of the party. NPP is a party for all, NPP smiles at all religious bodies, as such, putting fore only one religious body in this context is highly unfortunate. Muslims, including myself do pray 5 times a day and we have always adhered to the laws of the country.

We must also not forget that beer bars in Ghana are many than churches and mosques. Again, everybody in Ghana will attest to it that these beer bars do make noise for long hours than churches and mosques, and above all; these beer bar owners are also under the laws as proffered by the Honorable Minister. Although I am not in the position of doing comparisons between the two; but it is about time we told the truth and face the realities of life in our political dispensation. It is in that regard, that I find such a statement coming from our prominent Minister as very unfortunate and must be condemned outrightly!