The Price of Violence in an Increasingly Intolerable Environment

For the greater majority of us who started voting since  1992, the dawn of every election year presents an all too familiar character of political violence.

Violence characterised/fueled  by selectiveness, nepotism, cronism, tribalism and clientilism.

This deepens the acrimonious relationship that already exist between different political parties and redefines our sense of belonging.

The trend seems no different this year. The dream for a violence free election must not just be a talk shop, but a deliberate action supported by well meaning patriotic citizens of Ghana .

The  attitude of prayers to curb violence  fits well into the mind of the idealist. But for  the realist  It is too simplistic to choose the path of religion to profer intersessary prayers as a solution to emerging political violence; as the irony is that, some of those who participate in these prayers themselves
Flag RED on the security dial.

So what is this ? Hypocrisy, Absurdity or Deception?

But this is the price we stand to pay if we relapse into political violence or civil unrest  :

1. Loss of identity /respect – we will eventually become refugees and be viewed with disdain in the sub region.

2. The working / non working class will all attain a status of unemployment. Poverty and starvation will increase thus leading to food insecurity.

3. Total collapse of private and public institutions/organization. Non existence of social amenities, and rule of law will be lost thus leading to insecurity .

4. All will be vulnerable to psychological and physical abuse especially , women , children and the aged. Abuse such as rape, beatings, repossession of one’s property and living with years of trauma.

5. There will be the emergence and institutionalisation of insurgents or militia groups from different ethnic and political backgrounds which will breed insecurity .

6. Our importance  will be of no value to  investors, donors and the rest of the world.

Let’s consolidate our history as the beacon of Africa’s democracy and not join the list countries with the history of political violence.

The road to political victory is not political violence .

Owusu -Sekyere K Jnr
Security Analyst