Press Statement: Rampant sex tape leaks from our university campuses, shameful and embarrassing, the need to protect our female students from public shame

It is embarrassing and shameful the recurrent sex tape leaks in the country especially from our university campuses. It is more disheartening when university students who ought to know better can publicly disregard the laws of the country and act without conscience just so that they can achieve their deplorable motive of shaming another .

We as the women’s commission of the University Students Association of Ghana do not only see this as an issue of moral inconvenience but a legal crime against all women. Section 281 (C) of Ghana’s criminal offences act makes it a criminal offence for any person to distribute or exhibit any obscene video or tape publicly; or to make a business lending any obscene material. In the light of this, we call on the security agencies to prosecute perpetrators of such acts .Those who watch and circulate sex tapes are as guilty as those who leak them and is important for such people to be made to face the full rigors of the law. We believe the lack of arrest of and prosecution of such perpetrators is the cause of the increase of such shameful acts.

As a country and society, we need to take steps towards  eradicating this on our campuses by discouraging students through deterrents, the usual lamentations and commentary won’t solve this problem. We encourage victims to take up legal proceedings and be bold to shame their detractors. More need to be done to kill this growing culture of shaming women in Ghana. The discussions and condemnations should be taken out of the moral pit and thrown to where they rightfully belong, is simple, is a criminal offence.

We call on women interest based groups and organisations to help fight this growing culture of young people shaming and making lives of young women hell in Ghana through sex tape leaks.In as much as we condemn such acts and call on others for support, we urge our women also to be vigilant and not to allow themselves to be taken advantage of. Some tapes shows clearly that the victims are aware of a camera on them and we think is shameful and our women must keep their integrity to avoid such embarrassment.

A scape goat is needed to serve as an example for all and sundry. We are making a clarion to the security agencies to bring perpetrators to book ,as a commission we are initiating programs to educate our women to desist from such acts and encourage victims to also report such cases to the police. On the 28th of April, 2017, the commission is organising its flagship programme dubbed “My sex story my woe” at the University of Ghana where together with stakeholders and interest groups ,we will discuss such issues and general issues affecting the today’s woman. It is our firm believe that we will get the needed support to kill such growing culture. Let’s protect our women. Thank you

Ellen Adjeiwaa Adams
Women’s Commissioner
University Students Association of Ghana