Press Statement: Media Encounter With The Royal Family Of Akumpirikebiisi

The purpose of this media encounter is for us to state clear and set the records straight in addressing the recent developments concerning the chieftaincy matter and to defuse the prevalent misinformation and falsehoods being pelted around, which is meant solely to mislead the indigenes of Sirigu concerning the ongoing chieftaincy case pending in the Regional House of Chiefs.

The process for the enskinment of the chief of Sirigu began with the full participation of the Akumpirikebiisi royal gate. We had cause to boycott the process on the grounds that the customary guidelines were not properly followed as regards to the guidelines set aside for the selection of a chief for the Sirigu Traditional Area. Indeed, most of the elders mandated by custom who were supposed to come out with the selection of a chief for the good people of Sirigu also boycotted the process principally due to the fact that the due process was thrown to the dogs.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the “so-called” new chief was wrongfully enskinned, we (Akumpirikebiisi royal gate of Sirigu) petitioned the high court, seeking for an injunction following which the High Court of competent jurisdiction saw wisdom in our petition and restrained him (Roland AkwaraAtogumdeyah) from presenting himself and any other persons under their authority as the chief of Sirigu Traditional Area, pending the disposal of the petition at the Regional House of Chiefs.

In a decision of the Regional House of Chiefs, the Roland Atogumdeyah Akwara was granted the privilege to serve as a care takerof Sirigu until the substantive matter is decided after full trial by the Regional House of chiefs. This in our humble submissionwe disagree because it conflicts with the high court ruling which is a superior court to the judicial panel of the house of chiefs.
Unfortunately, the ruling by the Regional House of Chiefs has been misinterpreted and there has been a deliberate attempt to misinform the people of Sirigu that the pending chieftaincy case has been brought to end and he,AtogumdeyaAkwara Roland, is now the substantive paramount chief of Sirigu; let us set the record straight without any doubt that Sirigu does not have a substantive paramount chief yet. Indeed, there has been a move to gazette Roland Atogumdeya Akwara as a Paramount Chief of Sirigu, but this backdoor action has been put on hold by the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi, after a petition was made pointing to the case still pending at the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs(REFERENCE).We hasten to add that, the Judicial Panel of the Regional House of Chiefs cannot disregard a high court’s ruling as they have sought to do. We are therefore not happy with the conduct and approach taken by the Regional House of Chiefs in their handling of the matter in relation to the attempted gazette.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is worth noting that, when we speak about agents of development of Sirigu, Akumpirikebiisi’s name stands tall. Naba Alagmone is an ancestor and a pacesetter who acquired a greater portion of the very land (popularly called Alagmonebokam), on which, Sirigu Senior High School, which is our pride, currently stands.
It is interesting to note also that, prior to the performance of the final funeral rites of the late Chief, Naba Adumbire Akwara II, the Akumpirikebiisi gate had appealed to the Regional House of Chiefs to facilitate the funeral rites of the late Paramount Chief of Sirigu to pave way for the selection of a new chief to ensure continues development in the community. Ladies and gentlemen, it is ironical to say we are in to delay the selection of a new chief when indeed all along, we have played a very significant role to ensure that the final funeral rights were performed to pave way for the selection of a new chief.
Proudly, mention can be made of Mr. Francis Agyeere and Mr. Francis Ayamga to have spearheaded the sponsoring of uncountable indigenes within Sirigu and beyond to pursue their education. Joseph Ayamga on his part established the Distillers and Retailers Association in the Kassena-Nankana East, which promoted business associations. He then handed over the association and joined Naara Rural Bank as a board of director which led to an unprecedented establishment and construction of a maiden Bank in Sirigu, further leading to the current support of growing businesses through facilitation of loans. We could go ahead to talk of numerous development initiatives ranging from electricity to the construction of a police station to promote peace and security within Sirigu. Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, the establishment of Anirego Primary School was another initiative by Akafare Ayamga and Martha Ayamga who are both from the Akumpirikebiisi.
Ladies and gentlemen, if any individual or a group of individuals within the walls of Sirigu attempts to smear mud on the royal Gate of Akumpirikebiisi by labeling the royal gate as “enemies of development”, we challenge such individual or group to endeavor to enquire from the so-called acting chief, through whose hands hadhe himself been called to his teaching profession and if his answer points at anyone outside the Akumpirikebiisi clan, we will only conclude he is corrupted by dishonesty and gross ingratitude. Many such assistance have been and are still being given to so many people in Sirigu and beyond by kind individuals within the Akumpirikebiisi and of who we associate.
How then can a label like “enemies of development” be tagged on these same people who have raised the name of Sirigu and are continuing to do so in their various capacities? We are not in any way hoodwinking anyone into supposing that many other people in Sirigu have no effort in major development of Sirigu, neither are we writing away the collective contributions of other people in the community towards the development of Sirigu, for we repudiate dishonesty and ingratitude.
We are not asking for anything new, what is the due process for enskinning the Sirigu paramountcy? Let the opinion leaders answer this simple question anything outside the due process will be challenged lawfully, let always remember that this is not self-interest it is community interest, Sirigu is our Homeland so every sacrifice is worth it. It might be a long and arduous task but we shall overcome!!
In very deed, we wish to express our sincerest appreciation to the elders of the community, opinion leaders of beloved Sirigu, the youth and good people of Sirigu for exercising the highest form of discipline and patience over the ongoing process of the chieftaincy case at trial, even- though it might at some point prove dissatisfying to our expectation, and we the Akumpirikebiisi Royal Gate, are committed to using every peaceful approach to dealing with issues arising from the case.
Last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, we want to use this platform to acknowledge everyone who has followed keenly and shown interest in the Chieftaincy matter as it will be written down in history as a Chieftaincy selection process that has been educative, informative and a fulfilment of our democratic dispensation and we know the final outcome will serve as a roadmap to strengthen the Sirigu Chieftaincy process.
We the people of Akumpirikebiisi will continue to cooperate and adopt due lawful process to ensure that sanity is restored to the selection process to pave way for a new chief to be enskinned.

Thank You And God Bless You All For Coming.
Mr. Percy (0558093144)