Press statement: Let’s welcome Odenkyem and endorse him for progress of Sekyere Afram Plains – CYSAP

WE as members of the Concerned Youth of Sekyere Afram Plains (CYSAP) wish to welcome Mr Joseph Owusu aka Odenkyem on his nomination for the Sekyere Afram Plains District Chief Executive (DCE) post.

Though Odenkyem has not yet been endorsed by the assembly, we as concerned youth find it worthwhile to welcome and congratulate him for his nomination by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

We are of the firm belief that anyone nominated by the President if accepted by assembly members would help work to the progress of the district and we as concerned youth are always ready to work closely with the President’s representative – all in the good name of development for Sekyere Afram Plains.

It is clear that apart from the district capital, Drobonso, many are communities that lack social amenities to develop and that it is one of our concerns to support anyone who is or likely to be in the DCE position to help fight this same cause.

By this dint, we are imploring all the 15 assembly members to endorse Odenkyem as the President’s nominee for progress of work to take its due course.

We wish Odenkyem well!

Boakye Yiadom

Wisdom Buer

Kwame Panin