Press statement: Joyce Zempare admonish aspirants – Character assassination isn’t the way forward

“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says destruct you from your goals. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them because I know Who I Am” – Michelle Obama.

The attention of team J-Ze (Joyce Zempare) has been drawn to a writeup circulating on social media platforms under a fabricated caption “Joyce Zempare mars NPP Greater Accra Regional Conference with her attitude”.
The body of the writeup is full of lies and insults calculated to drag the image of Joyce Zempare into gutters. Team J-Ze believes that politics is about maturity and for that matter, the team is not going to react to the piece in same accord.
Team J-Ze wishes to state emphatically that the A-Z of the writeup under the caption quoted above was intentionally orchestrated to stain the image, integrity and reputation of madam Joyce Zempare – the incoming National Women’s Organizer.
The team is therefore pleading with fellow members of the party and our cherished social media friends to disregard that piece.

Joyce Zempare is currently the Greater Accra Women’s Organizer. She was a Co-MC for the event. She strictly adhered to the dictate of the program outline. It is therefore mischievous for someone to orchestrate falsehood about her in relation to the program.
The conference was successfully organized.

Joyce Zempare is an old name in the New Patriotic Party. A name which has passed through the various hierarchy’s in the party. She started from the grassroot as a cell Secretary, polling station women’s secretary, constituency women’s secretary, Constituency women’s organizer and she has been twice elected as the Greater Accra Women’s Organizer of our beloved New Patriotic Party.

Joyce Zempare is popularly known by her natural gifted smile and due to her facial looks, she always has tens, hundreds and thousands of people around her.
Joyce Zempare is a multilingual person who speaks six (6) of our native languages (Ga, Krobo, Grushie, Brong,Twi and Ewe). She is very fluent with the English language. This makes it easier for Joyce Zempare to organize the masses effectively for party’s activities.

Joyce Zempare is respectful, a unifier, hardworking, dynamic team player, selfless, generational thinker and above all, Party member.

As the internal elections approaches, let’s all desist from indulging in unethical campaign strategy which will dent the image of a fellow patriot. Let us campaign on issues and capabilities and that will help the delegates to elect the best choice for the party hence securing the continuity agenda of the party coming 2020 elections.
Let’s decorate the party with the internal contest. By doing so, we will make the party attractive to non members.

Victory 2020 is the ultimate goal

Long live the President
Long reign NPP