Press Statement: The illegal program in the name of Suhum NDC must stop

It has come to the notice of Suhum constituency executive committee of the National Democratic Congress  (NDC) that, some people intend to organise a durbar with a theme “NDC HOME COMING” on 15th July 2017 at the Kibi station in Suhum.

We want to inform all our members and the general public that, the constituency executive committee is not aware of such program. We further wish to state that any program without the consent of the constituency executive committee is illegal and not in the name of NDC.

At this time of reorganisation of our grassroots after losing the 2016 election, what we need is togetherness and not actions that will lead to creation of divisions and camps among the rank and file of our members. The entire NDC is waiting for action plan from NEC since the Prof. kwasi Botwe committee has concluded their facts findings as to why we lost the 2016 general elections and the wayforward.

We want to inform organizers of such illegal program to put a stop to it as it will not help the process of reconciliation.

The constituency executive committee is currently embarking on outreach program to the branches to encourage and empower the grassroots in preparedness towards 2020 general election as we wait for directives from NEC through REC. This is what is needed at this time to solidify the party for the battle ahead.

Whoever has any good intention for Suhum NDC should rather join hands with the constituency executives to strategize for the future as politics is about numbers and not division.

We therefore, wish to inform our branch executives and members to ignore this illegal and potentially destabilising program. We further want to inform our members to remain calm and resolute and to resist any divisive tendencies by just a few people for their selfish interest as against the interest of the party.

Long live NDC

Thank you.
Daniel chanor
(Suhum constituency communication officer )

David Kofi Danso ( Constituency Youth organiser 0541026600)