Press Conference on the 2017 National annual delegates Conference of the NPP and related matters addressed by John Boadu, Gen. Sec.(AG)

The NPP, as you all know, shall be holding its 2017 National Annual Delegates Conference from Friday, 25th of August to Sunday, August 27 in Cape Coast, the Central Regional capital as agreed by the National Council at its meeting on May 10, 2017. This conference is being held in pursuance to Article 9(1) of the party constitution which states that, “There shall be a National Annual Delegates Conference which shall be the supreme governing body of the party”.

Prior to the national delegates’ conference, the party, per the provisions of Article 6 and 7, is supposed to hold Constituency and Regional Delegates Conferences in the various Constituencies and Regions respectively in order to pave way for the national delegates’ conference. I am happy to report that as we speak, the party has indeed been able to successfully hold delegates conferences in all the 275 constituencies and 10 regions of the country. Therefore, all is now set for the national conference, which is the climax of all the annual delegates’ conferences.

The party’s national council, which is the second highest decision making body of the party, met again, last Friday, 18th August, to among other things, spell out modalities and agree on the activities to be observed at this gathering as well as the rules of engagement with recourse to the conference planning committee chaired by F.F. Antoh. The relevant resolutions from this meeting include:

– The conference would be held at the Medical School Auditorium of the University of Cape Coast in the Central Region. Delegates to the conference, per the provision of Article 9(2)(ii) include, members of the national council, members of the national executive committee, all members of the regional executive committee, all members of the constituency executive committee, 15 members from the national council of elders, 12 delegates from every external branch as defined under section 8(2) of the party constitution, 1 tescon representative from each recognized tertiary institution in the country, 15 patrons elected from among themselves, founding members across the country who are signatories to the registration documents of the party at the electoral commission, all members of parliament and all party members who are ministers, deputy ministers and MMDCEs.

Theme for the Conference and Justification

This year’s conference, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of the NPP and 70th Anniversary of the founding of the UGCC, is anchored on the theme, “NPP, DELIVERING ON OUR PROMISES; OUR ROOTS, OUR STRENGTH, OUR FUTURE”. Clearly, the choice of this theme is to afford us an opportunity to reflect on the very core values underpinning the formation of the NPP and assess the extent to which the party has remained focused on these founding principles with the view to learning any relevant lessons to serve as a guide for the future.

Twenty-five (25) of the existence of an organization and for that matter a political party is certainly, not a small feat; particularly when the party has chalked tremendous achievements to the envy of all. Almost everybody agrees that the NPP’s immense contribution to the social, political and economic development of this country over the past two to three decades cannot be exaggerated. We are credited with the introduction of almost all the monumental social interventions in the country including the NHIS, capitation grant, metro mass transport, school feeding programme, livelihood empowerment against poverty (LEAP). The list in endless.

Again, the NPP has been at the forefront of almost every progressive development across all sectors and in the delivery of prosperity to the Ghanaian people. We have also led the way in areas of good governance and the consolidation of the country’s democracy with our unrivalled democratic credentials. The NPP way, has thus, always been the way for Ghana and the rest of Africa.

It is therefore not surprising that anytime the NPP is in power, Ghanaians heave great sigh of relief and have their hopes restored. At 25, the party has a lot to celebrate; especially now that we are in government and have shown enough commitment to delivering on our mandate to the Ghanaian people. As we speak, the Nana Addo-led NPP government has made the strongest commitment yet to fulfilling all our manifesto promises even in our first year including the almighty free SHS, One-district-one-factory, one-village-one-dam, planting for food and jobs, 1 million dollar per constituency fund, restoration of teacher and nursing trainee allowance among several others. You can imagine what the narrative would be, by the time we finish our first 4 years in office. You can only find this in the NPP.

Programme line-up for the conference

– Day 1 of the conference (Friday, 25th August) shall be for Muslim Prayers (Jummah) during the day and then some social events in the evening.

– Day 2 (Saturday, 26th August) is for the main conference to be held at the medical school auditorium of the University. The conference, per Article 9(4) shall deliberate and make appropriate resolutions on National Chairman’s report, National Treasurer’s Statement of Accounts, General Secretary’s report, deliberate on resolutions from all the 10 regions and also consider proposals for amendments to the party’s constitution which have been received and circulated to all stakeholders.

The main conference will end at 4pm. There would then be a mammoth rally at the Victoria Park in Cape Coast to be addressed by the leadership of the party, His Excellency the President and Vice, Ministers of State and other key government appointees.

– Day 3 (Sunday, 27th August) shall be for Church/Thanksgiving Service to be observed at the Calvary Methodist Church, Cape Coast.

Caution to Prospective Candidates

The party, and in particular, national council, has noticed with concern, the rate at which prospective candidates for various executive positions in the party wantonly displayed their campaign posters and banners at the just ended constituency and regional delegates conferences as if we were holding internal elections.

The council wishes to remind them that the party has not lifted the ban for campaign; neither has it opened nominations. In view of the foregoing, the party is appealing to all prospective candidates to DESIST from repeating this undemocratic and untidy enterprise at the national delegates’ conference. The party reserves the right to reprimand or sanction anyone who flouts this directive.


The party, having put in place, all the necessary arrangements, is very confident that the 2017 national annual delegates’ conference and the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the NPP shall be a remarkable success. We commend the F.F. Antoh-led planning committee, members of the national council and the party’s council of elders ably chaired by C.K. Tedem, executive officers of the party, government appointees, members of parliament as well as ordinary party members and delegates who are contributing in diverse ways to support the party in the organization of this conference.

Thank you.