The Presby Moderator and the former PRO’s accounts: something doesn’t add up

Mr. Emmanuel Acheampong was dismissed as the PRO of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and on June 21, 2013, the church issued a press statement to that effect. His dismissal came after an acrimonious relationship with the leadership of the church.

Mr. Acheampong took to the media to malign the Moderator.
Today Mr. Acheampong says he went with the Moderator to the office of a leading opposition party on July 28, 2013, where the Moderator was given 100,000 dollars.

This was over one month after his acrimonious dismissal. If the Moderator wanted someone to go with for a bribe, it would certainly not be the man who was insulting him in the media. Or?



Manasseh Azure writes