Photos: 7yr Old  Konrad Fredua Agyeman Antwi Advices Children To Be Law Abiding, Respectful And Obedient 

One of the great grandson of Nana Fredua Agyeman, the Chief of Worakese advices his colleagues to be law abiding citizens, respectful and obedient to anybody they come in contact with whether old or young. 

Konrad Fredua Agyeman Antwi was speaking  at his 7th birthday party in Columbus Ohio. He posits that children should be  obedient to their parents and elderly people which is very important in their lives.  It is one of the 10 commandments that God gave to them. Obedience means that you do what you are told without any hesitation. For example, if your mother asks you to go to the kitchen and get her a cup and you do it immediately, you are obeying your mother. He said, the Bible tells us to obey our parents so that our days on earth will not be shortened.

He said, children  should be  law abiding citizens and went further to thank his parents Danny Opoku Antwi and mum, Mary Kwakyewaa Antwi for making his birthday a memorable one by inviting his friends, loved ones and family members and also thank all the invited guests for sharing this special occasion with him.