People vying for public office with galamsey inclination should be disqualified by the EC boss – CYSAP

The illegal mining popularly known as ‘galamsey’ which is cancerous to the nation Ghana has attracted a lot of concern to the future of our beloved nation.


Its from this backdrop that  a lot of organizations, civil societies, the media are  joining  hands with government in its quest to exterminate this galamsey menace on the society.

The Concerned Youth of Sekyere Afram Plains (CYSAP) are proffering solutions as to how to deal with the detrimental menace the illegal mining has on water bodies, degrading the topography of land etc.


In an  interview with, the president of The Concerned Youth of Sekyere Afram Plains (CYSAP) Mr Boakye Yiadom sought to suggest  that it is high time the electoral commission chair person Mrs Charlotte Osei looked into the documents put forward by people seeking for public office and again do thorough checks to ascertain whether such persons had done galamsey in the past and as such disqualify them accordingly.

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Mr Boaky Yiadom president of Concerned Youth of Sekyere Afram Plains (CYSAP)

He added that the effects of galamsey on our society was so bad and  that just  creating jobs for people today and a bleak future tomorrow was not the  best way to go as a country the youth president added.