Payroll cleanup: Govt saves GH¢21m

Government says it has saved as much as GHC21 million over the last two years following a cleanup of the public sector payroll.

The huge sum represents the salaries of some 12,800 ‘ghost names’ on the payroll, finance minister Seth Terkper told parliament last week.

According to Mr Terkper, the irregularities were detected following the efficient deployment of the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (ESPV) across the 10 regions of the country.

Unlike the defunct manual salary voucher, the ESPV requires that every employee of the state is electronically verified, with his or her fingerprints taken and stored against the person’s biodata and place of work.

This completely eliminates paper work and the tendency where the names of deceased, non-existent or transferred staff were left undeleted or intentionally inserted in the payroll.

Following its success, Mr Terkper said the ESPV system had now become the main validation system through which salaries of public servants were approved and processed before payment.