Parliament Passes the National Road Safety Authority Bill into Law.

The Parliament of Ghana has today passed the National Road Safety Authority Bill into law.

By this action, Ghana joins other countries such as Kenya, India, Uganda, Israel to have a regulatory body to enforce road safety regulations and hold agency bodies responsible for road safety to the task.

The National Safety authority Bill will change the current awareness creation status of the commission to that of a regulator.
The Bill will empower the National Road Safety Commission to play a major role in compelling its partner agencies to do the right things.

Explaining the new role of the commission as an authority to Kessben Media, the Communications Director of the Commission; Mr. Kwame Kodua Attuahene said the law gives the Authority the “opportunity to hold road safety related institutions accountable to standards and procedures at the risk of sanctions.”

He further explained that “where an agency fails to act, we issue administrative penalties and seek an enforcement order for the notice.”

This simply means that there would now be enhanced accountability in terms of road safety regulations, procedures and enforcement.

The bill was drafted and presented to parliament in April 2019.

By:Derrick Ofori/