Our Songs Lack Content Direction – Kojo Antwi

Africa has over night produce a lot of music stars who one way or the other are projecting our music to the world through their means, but other music icons believes otherwise.
Music maestro Kojo Antwi also known as Mr. Music Man believes the new generation kind of music lacks direction and has become self centered.
Mr. Music man believes music has taken a different twist in Africa as musicians prefer singing about themselves than singing patriotic songs.
According to him, legends of African music motivated people through their songs and at the same time made love songs for other people to also enjoy but no songs are made about these legends to help motivate the youth, “We are doing everything but nobody is singing about heroes that can inspire our youth to yearn to be like Kofi Annan, the secretary for UN, or want to go even further than Kofi Annan, all our songs is about ourselves” he said
In an exclusive interview with Dj Raw on Kessben FM’s entertainment program ENTERTAINMENT CIRCLE on Saturday, the formal chairman of GHAMRO said Music in Africa has lost it balance and the attention of music has now been shifted from being a union to being about individual gains.
“Some time ago I saw one of our artistes who was flaunting money like Mayweather for the world to know he has arrived, if you say it people will say because you don’t have enough to flaunt you are jealous but I think the direction we are going is wrong”
“Our legends made a path for us to follow, the Nana Ampadu, Master Kwabena Akwaboah, Master Oyina, Agya Koo Nimo a lot of them and these people didn’t tell us music is for ourselves..You can point fingers at me that I also sing on love, and of course I do sing about love songs but I don’t personalize it, the songs I do I do them for the benefit of other people and even with that after singing these songs I sing other patriotic songs to encourage other people so at least there is a balance.”
“We are not doing anything to build us as a unite or as a community; music in Africa content is about community”
Kojo Antwi has over the years produced songs that is loved by both young and old and is set to tour Europe with his songs within this year.